Violent video games and adult video games including Doom

If you're interested in violent video games and adult video games, including Doom, you can find out more here. We offer information on the original Doom as well as Doom sequels. Doom is well known for being one of the earliest first-person shooter games, and many of its groundbreaking effects have directly influenced later video game development. The original Doom was one of the earliest games to include such special effects as varied lighting levels, surround sound, and a sense of constant movement for the player. Realism was heightened by the graphics (which were considered very good at the time the game was released) as well as the localized sounds like monsters grunting and doors creaking open. In comparison to the video games that preceded it, Doom provided a much more immersive experience for the player, which factored into its immense popularity. Players prized the realism of Doom and similar games.

Violent video games, and adult video games in general, are popular for the same reasons that horror stories or violent movies are popular. People enjoy experiencing the adrenaline rush of a risky situation, and playing an immersive, violent video game allows them to do this without risking anything in reality. In addition, there is the sense of being in control and able to win. Players are encouraged to explore the gaming environment in order to solve the game. Adult video games are considered to be any game with graphic violence or any game featuring nudity, sexual violence or exploitation. There are a wide variety of violent video games and adult video games available.

Some other popular violent video games include Mortal Kombat, God of War, Soldier of Fortune, Postal, and Grand Theft Auto. Most violent and adult video games have simple goals and a multiplicity of enemies that must be killed, often in gruesomely creative ways. Environments can be other planets, urban jungles, battlefields, or ancient civilizations. Different players will favor different games depending on the graphics, goals, or degree of realism the game offers.

The popularity of video games has led to the phenomenon of movies based on video games (for instance the Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil movies, as well as Doom, of course). Typically, a movie based on a video game develops and adds characters, but retains a similar plot to the goals of the video game. There are also video games based on movies, but these tend to be less successful.

As with movies, video games are rated for their intended audience. As with any potential exposure to violence, parents should consider the age-appropriateness of a game before purchasing it for their children or allowing children to play it. Most people are able to separate fantasy from reality when playing violent video games or adult video games in general, but children or younger teens may not be able to do so. Parents should take precautions to supervise their children and monitor their video game use, realizing that some violent video games and adult video games truly are intended for adults only.